So this little gem obviously has some humour in the bouquet (pun completely intended). I’ve been experimenting with making perfume oils lately. This mix of saffron and vanilla was a cheistmas guft to a friend.


Frau Tonis Parfum Berlin


In July we went to Berlin. We came for art, karaoke, a visit to Cookies and Cream and ended up adding second hand shopping on Frankfurter Tor and a visit to Frau Tonis to the itinerary.



Berlin Summer is the scent I brought with me home. How could I not?

As far as perfume goes, what makes me purchase is emotion. There might be many a lovely, well made scents out there, but I am not looking to possess every well made niche scent hyped by the fragonerds.

I am looking to be possessed.

I want to sniff it and be taken on a trip, to be whirled away, either by a memory or an emotion. A scent that can transport me to another time and place is almost irresistible to me. I feel like my heart aches when I think fo not having this scent availiable to me, to be whisked away whenever I choose. Sometimes people look at me like I’m not quite right in the head when I tell them these things, but we all have our passions.

Diptyques “L’ombre dans l’eau” reminds me of my grandmother and her garden. It smells of black currant leaves in the shade. I remember that smell, that garden. Hiding among those black currant leaves as a child, picking the soft, dark berries, letting them stain my hands and tongue. I remeber being a teenager, trying to read in the twilight in a chair by those bushes. That smell is my whole childhood in that house and garden. There are 18 years of memories packed in that scent of black currant leaves. I bought it instantly, how could I not? I have nothing else that so vividly make me remember grandma.

Of course, not every scen I own is a roller coaster ride, but all of them evoke something in me. You could say scent is a constant conversation with myself, a comunication with my past and present emotions. Everyday when I look in my cabinet of perfumes I know what I want to wear because I either know how I feel, or how I want to feel.
I love Guerlains Jasminora or L’Occitanes Thé Vert for those sweltering hot summer days. I love CdG’s Avignon or Tar or Armani Privé “Bois d’encens” for the goth clubs. I love “Now or never” from Tokyo Milk for work. I love Guerlains “Mandarine Basilique” for dinners and formal meetings. I love Tam Dao for every day when I need to be sure of myself, assure myself of my abilities.

DJHENNÈ/Parfumerie Generale

I just laid my greedy little paws on this beauty at Les Senteurs when we were in London for New Years. It’s weird when you’ve decided on a purchase of a scent and then you end up with another one. I was originally going for Indochine. In fact, I was so enchanted with the description of Indochine that I was determined to love it. On paper, it seemed fantastic! But when I smelled it, it was not quite as satisfying as I’d imagined it. There wasn’t as much pink pepper as I’d thought. It just didn’t evoke in me what I thought it would. So I went sniffing for my second choice, Djhennè. Now, Djhennè, that was love at first sniff. There was never a doubt in my mind that I would love wearing this scent. And it was different enough from my other resiny perfumes to justify a purchase. It starts off quite strongly on my skin: the lavender and cocoa almost smells spicy together. It then settles into a lovely resinous, leathery phase that lasts until I wash it off.

On Fragrantica it has been compared to Dzongkha, which apparently is a bad thing. How ironic that I love my huge bottle of Dzongkha almost as much as Djhenné!