DJHENNÈ/Parfumerie Generale

I just laid my greedy little paws on this beauty at Les Senteurs when we were in London for New Years. It’s weird when you’ve decided on a purchase of a scent and then you end up with another one. I was originally going for Indochine. In fact, I was so enchanted with the description of Indochine that I was determined to love it. On paper, it seemed fantastic! But when I smelled it, it was not quite as satisfying as I’d imagined it. There wasn’t as much pink pepper as I’d thought. It just didn’t evoke in me what I thought it would. So I went sniffing for my second choice, Djhennè. Now, Djhennè, that was love at first sniff. There was never a doubt in my mind that I would love wearing this scent. And it was different enough from my other resiny perfumes to justify a purchase. It starts off quite strongly on my skin: the lavender and cocoa almost smells spicy together. It then settles into a lovely resinous, leathery phase that lasts until I wash it off.

On Fragrantica it has been compared to Dzongkha, which apparently is a bad thing. How ironic that I love my huge bottle of Dzongkha almost as much as Djhenné!





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