Ouijaboard, ouijaboard…

Got this little pin off Ebay. Right now, this is very symbolic to me. Not that I speak to my deceased ancestors a lot, but I think quite a bit about the future. I have high hopes to work with a great project this spring. Other then that, home life is kind of turbulent. Right now I keep getting the feeling that I am a problem to be solved or that all problema relate back to me having to change my mind and priorities. I am not very interested in either at the moment. I love working and I am being put on a very uncomfortable spot where my work and work hours are being blamed for my partners expectations being let down, all though he is the ons who’s changed work situation is causing him trouble. I am not interested in standing down in this. We both fought hard for our current positions regarding work and I feel like I have to stand my ground right now and demand he work through his own issues instead of pinning them on me. 



Book covers generally used to be much better. Look at this lovely logo. It’s just perfect.


Somewhere in this bowl of rhubarb compote and whole cream there is a goth album cover lurking. Perhaps it’s a Bauhaus one? 

Anyhow, it’s all of a sudden fall. September was warm and humid. October has so far been unexpectedly warm, specially the evenings. Today the edges of october suddenly got crisper. I guess an inpossibly long and warm fall sort of makes up for the shitty summer.