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Suede at Cirkus, Stockholm

This time I was center front, which meant more focus on Brett this time, photo wise. The gig was a real treat. To hear Brett sig Another No One acapella with Neil on guitar was just stunning. Sometines people ask me if I don’t get bored of seeing Suede all the time. I never know what to answer, since I am not sure I fully understand the question. No, of course I don’t? It’s a different show each time. It’s never ever same old same old.

Night Thoughts, Suede


I waited for this album for so long. I mean, it really wasn’t that long, Bloodsports only came out in 2013. It’s a reasonable time frame to tour one album and write and produce the next. Yet, I was anxious for it. But I had the same kind of feeling when I heard Outsiders for the first time as when I heard Barriers. I knew this album would be great. Not good, not fine, great. The guitars on Outsiders are so amazing, they’re *almost* a bit gothic. And it suits the album, to whoosh into that after the epic intro.

I was so scared Bloodsports would be bad. I love this band to bloody bits since I was 14. But A New Morning was bad. I thought Attitude was good, so I was floored by how irrelevant ANM felt. Fine, I like Obsessions and Oceans, but that’s it. But Bloodsports was great. There was a bit of that U2 in their Berlin days kind of vibe to it, which I didn’t mind at all. 

But this was something else. When I heard it at The Roundhouse I felt in my gut: THIS is DMS 2.0. It’s so dark and epic and stormy and whirling and pining and sad. It’s a maelstroem. It’s perfect. And it’s a proper album, in a time where the single as a meterial thing is dead, but where every album has no core and only feels like a bunch of Spotify hits in the same playlist with no connection. This is an album, a proper album. It leads you into itself and pulls you through.