Inky blots

There was a lot of different kind of painting going on for easter.



Tulip season is here and I can’t resist. It almost gets boring, saying you “never thought spring would come” every year. I didn’t feel like this this winter. The weather, maybe not even the darkness is not what was hard this winter. Work was crazy in the fall. The situation was horrible in out department and I felt completely powerless. In december I finally found a way to put my foot down and draw a line and managed to take back some of the steering of my own time. So since january, all I have been felling has been relief. RELIEF that this shitty fall is over and before me is in so many ways only light. It can’t get much worse then this fall. Work can be hard again, but it will take a lot to reach the levels of shittyness of this fall. But it gets so incredibly dark here during november and december and it gives me insomnia. So when february rolls around and and it’s really noticable how it gets lighter each day, you can’t help but squee over it each time you notice.

And now, it’s like you get your life back. It’s like getting well after an illness. You can breathe and move again.

Stay Together


The Suede collecting have been in a bit of a hiatus for a while. So this is the year I decided I was going to pick it up again. I’m starting with one of my favourite releases ever: Stay Together. 2016 is the year I’ll try to get my greedy little paws on as many different formats and releases as I can muster. Stay tuned (and together!).