I found such a treasure at a thrift shop today. There was this box of old perfumes that I dug through and there it was: this perfect little  vintage Guerlain travel refill for Shalimar. I love the red leather inside and the gold lettering. And it was 20:-, which is about 1,7£ or 2,3$. 


“Why the hell am i wearing a bunch of throw pillows?”

Oh Diana, you look so happy and your dress is so horrible. You look like a bed or maybe a tray of puffy pastries. You look like interior. There is so much going on, with the ruching and the ribbons and bows. It’s like you’re dressed as a whole pastel victorian inspiered puritanical 80’s livingroom. Curtains, throwpillows, anti macassars, plastic flowers, chandelier and bed cover all bunched up in one outfit. I have a distinct feeling my friends mother had a livingroom decorated exactly like you in this picture.