I’ve made som great Twin Peaks inspiered jewellery lately. I’m so damn excited for the new season. It’s been a roller coaster, with it being funded or not, which cast members, Lynch being in the out then in again, deaths… I can barely believe it’s going to happen! 



I’m obsessed with these frayed tulips as the moment.


Spring has been creeping upon me. Every year, you marvel at the return of light up here in the north. This winger has been a grim one. I don’t think I have ever been so completely immersed in work and cut off socially as these past 8 months. I have both loved and loathed these mo tha work. I like what I do, but sometimes the circumstances are less then desirable. With light returning, it feel as if I’m shedding a lot of burdens. This years place of work turned out to be more of a disappointment then I could ever forsee. I also could never forsee I’d make a couple of really good new friends. I will be relieved to sever a lot of ties when I quit in May, but I will also be careful not to lose the new connections I formed.